Welcome to Youth Activism 101

Welcome to Youth Activism 101, a place to find resources and ideas for empowering students and young people to make social change. We all know that youth activism is an essential part of any democratic and civil society, yet finding the resources to become active citizens can be difficult. This site will support youth, teachers and parents by providing tools, resources and a forum for cultivating youth-led social activism.

The blog was created as a tool for youth, teachers and parents to find valuable resources with a common theme: how can we make ideas and resources about activism and creating social change more accessible to youth? Tabs on the header will lead to book suggestions, podcasts, lesson ideas, and a detailed list of changemakers and organizations that youth might wish to contact to get involved. From building skateboards and skate parks in Afghanistan, to getting bicycles to girls so they can get to school safely, to working to eradicate child labor globally, there are so many opportunities for our youth to work with others to improve the state of our world today. Wander around the site, and if you have any suggestions, organizations that you would like to see featured, or successful lessons, please contact us.

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