Register to Vote!

“The pace of new voter registrations among young people in crucial states is accelerating,” writes Michael Tackett and Rachel Shorey in Young People Keep Marching After Parkland, This Time to Register to Vote.  And, they write, “[Youth]  could even help shape the outcome of the midterm elections. If voters in their teens and 20s vote in greater numbers than usual… the groundswell could affect close races in key states like Arizona and Florida, where there will be competitive races for governor, the Senate and a number of House districts in November.”

It is essential that we teach our youth not only the importance of voting to uphold a democracy, but also how to register and how to vote.

There are many resources available to help educate and register our youth to vote. The youth activist group March For Our Lives has an online toolkit. offers information about laws and registration as well as information on how to vote. And even sites like Wikihow have information on how to vote in the United States. There is no shortage of information.

According to PBS, Only 58% of all eligible voters voted in the 2016 election, yet voting is one of the foundations of a strong democracy. We need to teach our youth the importance of voting and the process.




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