Good Kids, Mad City @GKMC18

The Chicago-based Good Kids, Mad City describes themselves as, “Black and Brown young people united in fighting to end violence in our cities. We call for more resources to underserved communities.” As youth groups nationwide are working hard to get gun legislation passed, these youth are looking to eradicate the underlying causes of gun violence such as poverty, mental health issues and a lack of resources.

Good Kids Mad City: A New Student Movement is Born out of the Streets of Chicago, Baltimore and D.C. writes that the group began to organize after Parkland to create a model of youth safety that calls for:

Investment in Youth Employment– Many youth in communities of color have complicated living conditions and have to provide for our families, but there aren’t enough resources. Gun violence is a symptom of poverty.
Investment in Schools– Schools should provide mental health support and other wrap-around services to help students heal from trauma and to address non-academic barriers to learning.
Investment in Communities– Communities hardest hit by violence need sustained investment in health, education, employment, and housing.

These Chicago Teens are Fighting the Underlying Causes of Gun Violence states, “Chicago’s punitive stance on gun violations has contributed to high incarceration rates, particularly in low-income neighborhoods of color, according to a 2016 report from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. The students behind Good Kids Mad City say this approach contributes to a cycle of violence and poverty — and that it doesn’t address why people feel the need to carry guns in the first place.”

Follow the group on Twitter @GKMC18

The group also started a Go Fund Me to raise money for their work. 


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