Welcome to Youth Activism 101, a place to find resources and ideas for empowering students and young people to make social change. We all know that youth activism is an essential part of any democratic and civil society, yet finding the resources to become active citizens can be difficult. This site will support youth, teachers and parents by providing tools, resources and a forum for cultivating youth-led social activism.

Dinah Mack has been an educator, researcher, and writer for much of the past two decades. She holds a M.A. in Anthropology from The New School for Social Research, and a M.Ed from Umass Amherst. She has been a middle school Social Studies classroom teacher for over eighteen years and during that time her focus and passion has been to educate her students to become concerned and active global citizens. Dinah’s areas of expertise include youth activism, curriculum writing, and educational technology. She has written for the New York Times Learning Network and has been awarded grant funding to run extensive teacher-training technology workshops. She facilitated a youth program against global child labor, a Civil Rights Team and a Students of Color Alliance. Most recently she was awarded a grant to teach media literacy skills and to facilitate student produced short documentary pieces on social justice issues. In 2017, Dinah published a YA novel, The Pirates of Cologne (Levellers Press), that fictionalizes the true story of German youth resisting Hitler’s regime. She currently has another young-adult novel in production.

Dinah recognized that there was a need for a  resource that would compile materials on teaching and supporting youth to be change makers and global citizens, and so she set out to build what she always needed and wished for: Youth Activism 101, a website to help create opportunity and direction for youth. This popular tool includes essential curriculum and resources for youth, parents, and educators wanting tools to make social change. Dinah believes that we must invest time and resources in supporting our youth to strengthen our communities and global connections. Consider receiving a weekly email update, liking and following the page on social media and sending your relevant suggestions and ideas.