Teaching Girl Rising

Girl Rising is an organization with a mission of educating and empowering girls worldwide. They work to tell the stories of girls through film, television, social media videos, graphic novels, radio, and curriculum for teachers. Offering a free curriculum for teachers and multi-media resources to engage students, Girl Rising is an avenue to get students involved in making change.  Unesco statistics state that 130 million girls worldwide are denied an education due to lack of resources, gender inequity, early marriage, sex trafficking, and violence.

Read the book in your classroom Girl Rising, Changing the World One Girl at a Time

Screen the film Girl Rising

Some ideas for the classroom:

  • locate countries on a map and research the physical and political geography of a country
  • examine how cultural traditions impede gender equity in various cultures
  • compare and contrast our life experience to one of the girls in the book
  • mobilize your local community to get involved. Give presentations, a film screening, write editorials to the newspaper, create a podcast, etc.
  • empower your students to work toward making change through education as they practice global citizenry skills


The first film Girl Rising produced focused on nine girls in developing countries working to survive and thrive despite what many would view as insurmountable odds.  Who were the nine girls? 

Watch the trailer for the first Girl Rising film here. 

Go to Girl Rising’s You Tube page for over fifty videos that explore the work Girl Rising is doing, as well as the plight of girls globally.